Beijing: Flight cancellation due to extremely cold weather


Cold front – with temperatures as low as minus 8 degrees Celsius – is Chinese capital’s coldest in three decades for this time of year.

Beijing saw this winter’s first snowfall on Monday as the Chinese capital was forecast to experience its coldest period from November 21 to 27 for the past 30 years.

The cold front sweeping through northern parts of China is expected to see temperatures drop by between six to 10 degrees Celsius

The temperature range on Monday was forecast to be between a high of zero degrees Celsius and a low of minus 8 degrees Celsius. The snow started to fall on Sunday night after a day of drizzle and is expected to last until about noon on Monday.

Dozens of flights leaving from and arriving at Beijing Capital International Airport have been cancelled due to the cold weather, the airport said. Beijing municipal government has also suspended the services of 19 bus routes.

Some sections of highway linking central Beijing to the suburbs have been closed due to icy roads.