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Business Travel: Helping Employees Avoid Burnout

For all the benefits and perks associated with business travel, it can also become tiresome. Vision Travel COO Brian Robertson recently discussed his top tips for helping your employees avoid burnout with From how to provide health and well-being support, to encouraging bleisure and premium economy, here are the insights Brian has picked up …


5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Travel Management Company

Travel management in Canada has become increasingly important to corporations who have a significant amount of business travellers. Corporate travel is big business and is most likely one of the highest expenses on the books, second only to payroll. A travel management company is an expert in corporate travel. They know business travel and can …


Traveller Safety – Taking a Personal Stake

By definition, Duty of Care refers to an organization’s responsibility to their travelling employees. Companies need to know where their travellers are and, in the event of an emergency, be able to communicate with and provide assistance to them immediately. However, above and beyond a company’s obligations, travellers themselves must also take responsibility for their …


Women Book Business Travel Earlier, Saving Companies Millions

Women Book Business Travel Earlier, Saving Companies Millions by Catalin Ciobanu, Javier Donna, Gheorghe Lungu, and Greg Veramendi April 13, 2016 Harvard Business Review The demand for business travel is gender-independent, but men and women demonstrate different travel habits that impact the bottom line. We know from previous research that women react more strongly to …


4 Stress-Free Business Travel Secrets

Frequent corporate travel can be stressful. We’ve put together our list of best tried-and-tested business travel secrets to make your next trip significantly more enjoyable – and productive!

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