Vision Assure: A New Level of Safety & Convenience for Business Travellers to Travel Safe

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Vision Assure empowers you to pro-actively protect your travelling employees with one comprehensive, mobile solution. While your team is on the road, you’ll stay connected and informed at all times with itinerary updates and travel alerts while they travel safe. Flight cancelled? There will be a notification and instructions. Emergency or natural disaster? You will be able to send your travellers a proof of life request.

With Vision Assure’s mobile app, your travellers can call or email Vision Travel at any time. A one-button connection to ensure your travellers are never out of contact and are empowered to travel safe.

This safety package, providing Duty of Care for all business travellers, includes:

Travel Alerts | real-time awareness

  • Three levels of alerts via mobile app, tracker map and email

Mobile App | a traveller lifeline

  • Multi-platform app featuring real-time flight status and push alerts

Tracker Map | central monitoring

  • Browser based map to display location of all company travellers
travel safe

Visit the Vision Assure blog to view the latest travel alerts and subscribe to receive them straight to your inbox.

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