Explore Food, Wine and Travel in Okanagan Valley, Grey County and Prince Edward County

August 3, 2020

Culinary Travel Missed our Food, Wine and Travel Series or don’t have Facebook?  No worries see below for highlights and check out our final episode on Sunday, August 9 at 8 p.m. as we explore Nova Scotia!  First stop: Okanagan Valley: Where is O...

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Guide to Traveling Safely in Canada

July 4, 2020

Travel Tips   Looking for travel inspiration within Canada?  Well look no further, but first lets review a few tips to help you travel more safely this summer:   #1 - Plan your trip in advance.  Following where the wind will take you is pr...

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Wine Regions to Love and to Enjoy

June 13, 2020

Culinary Travel   The two destinations we are going to visit today are New Zealand and Argentina.   First stop:  Why did I choose New Zealand?  Why not!  It is an incredible destination for travelers who love adventure, nature, culture an...

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Preserving and Sharing Your Photos

May 1, 2020

Travel Tips   You have hundreds of photos on your phone from past vacations, quick get-a-ways and events.  Besides sharing some of those photos on Social Media, how often do you look at them? Probably not very often at all, which is too bad because yo...

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3 Great Destinations for First Time Solo Travelers

March 1, 2020

Featured Destinations   According to Google Trends, the search for Solo Female Travelers has grown significantly since 2004 and being in the travel industry, I can certainly attest to that fact.  Now solo travel does not necessarily mean traveling by yourself.&...

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