Five Reasons to Visit Saint Paul de Vence

September 8, 2023

Featured Destinations France is full of hidden gems, one of which is Saint Paul de Vence, located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur a region in Southern France.  While there are so many reasons to visit this swoon-worth destination, here are our top five:   ...

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Menorca (Minorca), Spain - Five Reasons to Visit

August 20, 2023

Featured Destinations Located in the Mediterranean Sea, and a piece of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is often overlooked by travelers because of the popularity of other nearby islands.  However, I've got five reasons why you need to consider Menorca, Spain as your ne...

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Switzerland - Three Reasons to Visit:

July 26, 2023

Featured Destinations You know about the Alps and the chocolate, but here are three more reasons to visit Switzerland: Wine While most people don’t associate Switzerland with wine, it really should be and here is why: Lavaux’s Terraced Vineyards, loca...

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Swooning for Sicily

March 12, 2023

Featured Destinations If you haven't already dreamed of travelling to Sicily in Italy, you will after you watching the Netflix romantic drama series From Scratch.  The episodes filmed in the picture perfect streets of the Italian island will have you swooning after t...

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What is your Wellness Travel Style?

December 5, 2021

Wellness   Over the last 2 years, the wellness industry has grown exponentially. According to the Global Wellness Institute, there are 11 wellness marketing sectors.  The top five are:  Personal Care and Beauty Healthy Eating, Nutrition a...

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