3 Destinations to Consider When Celebrating With Your Loved Ones

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February 2, 2020


February is not just a cold month, but a time to celebrate with the ones you love and care about.  This could be with your partner, your children or even your girlfriends.  So where are some great places to celebrate with these special people in your life?  Well here are 3 to consider:


 Romantic Get-A-Way: Harbour Island, Bahamas!  It is famous for its pink sand beaches, pastel painted cottages and has some of the best restaurants in the Bahamas.  Snorkeling, diving and fishing are big here, but if you are looking for a quiet and laid back get-a-way this is your destination too.  On a side note: It’s not a large island (3.5x1.5 miles wide) most people get around by golf cart or bicycle and it’s not easy to get here, but so worth it.


Family Get-A-Way:  Costa Rica!  Why you say…well it offers adventure, relaxation and it's an incredibly beautiful destination too.  Explore a volcano, visit a waterfall, learn about the local way or just relax on the beach.  Temperature is about 30 degrees in February and Toronto is only about a 5-hour flight to Costa Rica.  As for resorts, there are many to choose from all depending on your needs and budget.


Girls Get-A-Way: Los Cabos, Mexico (Baja California Peninsula) This destination will satisfy everyone’s needs. 

**There is adventure: snorkeling, diving, hiking, ATVing and more 

**There is great food: fresh and plentiful from tasty tacos to organic farms. 

**There are decadent spas

**and the night life can go as long and crazy or as quiet and exclusive as you like. 

The ultimate highlight in Los Cabos in February will be the whale migration.  If you are lucky enough you could be enjoying your breakfast while experiencing the ultimate show by mamma and baby while they frolic in the ocean.


However you wish to celebrate, there are a variety of incredible destinations to choose from.  Let me know if you need some help and I am happy to assist.


Happy Valentine's or Galentine's Day!


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