3 Great Destinations for First Time Solo Travelers

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March 1, 2020


According to Google Trends, the search for Solo Female Travelers has grown significantly since 2004 and being in the travel industry, I can certainly attest to that fact.  Now solo travel does not necessarily mean traveling by yourself.  It can mean traveling by yourself, but with a group of people who you do not know.  Whichever way you go, here are some great destinations to consider:


·       Iceland - this destination has a very low crime rate and the residents of the island take pride in being a society who believes that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. Another big bonus is that they are super friendly so, meeting new people will be very easy.  As for exploring it is a stunning island. There is so much to see and do like soak in the Blue Lagoon, take a self-drive trip around the island on ‘Ring Road’ or sit back and take in the colours of the aurora borealis (highest chances of catching it is in September and March).


·       Skane County, Sweden - the southernmost tip of Sweden and only a bridge away from Copenhagen, Denmark.  This region of Sweden has so much to offer besides extremely friendly local residents.  It has fascinating monuments dating back 1,400 years ago, an incredible design scene from crafts, fashion to architecture; exciting outdoor adventure to unique spas and open-air baths.  Lots to keep you busy.


·       New Zealand - Why visit this destination?  Well for starters the ‘Kiwis’ or locals are very friendly and welcoming to visitors and the crime rate is low.  As for what to see and do, well it has fabulous food and wine, you can go as soft or extreme as you want when comes to adventure, the culture is rich, it’s easy to get around and the land is absolutely stunning.  What you experience on the South Island will be so different from what you see and do on the North Island. 


Thinking about taking your first solo travel experience?  Let’s sit down together and explore your options and potential adventures so, you can spend more time dreaming and leave the details to me. 


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