Guide to Traveling Safely in Canada

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July 4, 2020


Looking for travel inspiration within Canada?  Well look no further, but first lets review a few tips to help you travel more safely this summer:


#1 - Plan your trip in advance.  Following where the wind will take you is probably not the best idea because there is no guarantee everything will be open or available.  So, plan your route in detail.  Meaning right down to rest stops - are they open and what services are available.  Also remember to have a Plan B for situations are constantly changing and don't forget to pack face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, thermometer, and hand wipes too.


#2 – Know what provincial borders are open.  Not all provinces are open to Canadian residents.  For example, the Northwest Territories are closed to non-residents and Atlantic Canada has created a bubble.  Meaning only Atlantic residents can travel within the four provinces.  In some cases, seasonal residents are allowed  to cross the border but, they must complete an application form.  Remember changes can happen at any time so, be sure to check the province’s tourism sites for most up-to-date details.


#3 – Book accommodations with confidence.  Be sure to research safety and cleaning regulations and make sure you are comfortable with it.  This goes for not only hotels and rentals, but glamping and campsites too.  Also check for access and service availability because not all campsites are operating at the same level.  Last, but not least, also familiarize yourself with their cancellation policies.


#4 – Buy local and support local.  When preparing for your trip and while on your travels, try and do your best to support local businesses.  They will appreciate it.


#5 – Travel Insurance.  Remember if you are an Ontario resident OHIP does not cover all medical expenses outside of the province.  Be prepared and know the facts before leaving by visiting OHIP Coverage Across Canada.


Now for the inspiration:


Great Bear Rainforest – located in British Columbia.  It is about the size of Ireland and is absolutely stunning.  Hike with a guide, go sailing in remote bays, spot unique wildlife (including the all-white Spirit Bear), learn about our First Nation’s traditions and cultures or go fishing or whale watching.  Be sure to plan your visit in advance for traveling to this beautiful location is not easy, but that’s what makes it so special.


Great Sandhills Ecological Reserve – located in Saskatchewan.  Did you know this province has the largest set of sand dunes in Canada?  This ever-changing terrain is approximately 1,900 square km.  It is a great place to visit if you love birds and photography.  There is no entrance or parking fee, but be sure to stop in at the Great Sandhills Museum for information and history about the area.  


Algoma County – located in Ontario.  It borders on Lake Superior and Lake Huron and offers so much including the Agawa Canyon Tour Train, which takes you into a beautiful and remote part of the area where you can hike, admire cascading waterfalls and see what truly inspired some of the Group of Sevens’ famous paintings.  The roads along Lake Superior are also very scenic and there are lots of places to camp, but again be sure to check for availability.


Charlevoix – located in Quebec along the St. Lawrence and just 90 minutes from Quebec City.  If you love food, you will absolutely love thier Flavour Trail. Charlevoix’s agritourism offers locally made ciders, traditionally made beers, cheeses and exquisite chocolates, organic meat, well raised ducks, and other products too.  You can visit, taste, and stay.  So worth the experience and I haven’t even mentioned their hiking trails, water activities or just the plain beauty of its landscape.


Now this is just a snip of what you can see and do in this beautiful country but, I hope I have inspired you.  


Need help planning your trip this summer or next?  Drop me a note and I am happy to help!



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