Stretching Tips for Long Road Trips!

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June 16, 2021


Pack up the car …. We are going on a road trip!!!
That is music to my ears …. Having the windows down and pressing play on my favourite playlist and singing at the top of my lungs!!!


It is no secret that car rides can be hard on your lower back, neck / shoulders, hips, glutes—especially if you have to travel for an extended period of time.
Overtime, excessive sitting can not only have a negative impact on your posture but also contribute to your overall health including an increased  risk of cancer and heart disease.
For those long drives, simply schedule lots of pit stops along the way.  It's not just for food and bathroom, but also to walk around.  
Although doing this may make the trip longer, you will feel refreshed behind the wheel and your body will be less stiff upon your arrival.


Here is a video with some stretching tips to help you relax more on those long road trips.
REMINDER these exercises are made to be done when your car is stopped and better yet turned off!

Safe travels!
Written and produced by Courtney Vetter, Waterfront Fitness and Pilates

**Please be responsible when traveling this summer and stay up-to-date on travel restrictions.  


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