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A Guide To Oceania Cruises' New Mixology & Cocktail Experiences in 2023

When you join us aboard Vista in 2023, enjoying a drink will be an experience unto itself – from the beauty of watching a skilled bartender smoke an Old Fashioned to the tableside preparation of a Manhattan. You’ll have the opportunity to sample drinks inspired by the latest cocktail-crafting trends and techniques such as those topped by flavored mist bubbles to Negronis aged in wooden barrels and even specialty beverage cart experiences. In fact, we’re introducing new and enhanced bar and wine menus featuring dozens of new cocktails and premium wines fleetwide at the beginning of 2023. We’re delighted to be unveiling new bar menus, mixology experiences, and cocktail programs that will reflect the same fresh perspective as The Finest Cuisine at Sea. Below, discover a guide to our exciting new cocktail and mixology experiences.


All-New 2023 Cocktail & Mixology Experiences

1. The Macallan Rituals

The Macallan Rituals introduces you to masterfully crafted expressions of The Macallan that you can savor any way you prefer your whisky served. Brought to you tableside on a beautiful cart, experience The Macallan in a delicious smoked cocktail influenced by The Macallan smoker or perhaps you prefer your whisky simply neat. If “On the Rock” is your choice, a perfectly shaped ice sphere will be created right in front of you and added to your whisky. The Macallan Rituals are certain to engage your senses.

Debuting on Vista May 2023.


2. The Macallan Chocolate Pairing

Indulge with a curated selection of specialty chocolates paired with The Macallan Quest Collection. This pairing opens the door to the many flavors the Quest Collection has to offer. Let us take you on a journey of flavor – you can choose from The Macallan Quest & Milk Chocolate, The Macallan Lumina & Chocolate Truffles with fruit, The Macallan Terra & White Chocolate, or The Macallan Enigma & Dark Chocolate.

Debuting on Vista May 2023.


3. Brugal 1888 Tea at Sea

Become a mixologist for the day and experience the Brugal 1888 Rum Tea at Sea Seminar. In this engaging and hands-on seminar, you become the bartender. Equipped with proper cocktail-making tools, you will make delicious Brugal rum cocktails with tea while learning how tea has influenced mixology since the 17th century. Enriching and fun, you will learn cocktail-making skills you can take home to impress family and friends. Rum and tea cocktails will also be available at select bars on board.

Debuting on Vista May 2023.


4. Brugal 1888 & Ice Cream Masterclass

In a twist of sweetness, we’re excited to offer you the Brugal 1888 and Ice Cream Masterclass. You will learn how to make delicious ice cream-inspired Brugal 1888 rum cocktails such as the famous coffee affogato, a cool take on the Spritz, and a caramel popcorn milkshake that will delight your senses. Guided by your onboard mixologist and dessert chef, you will learn not only how to make cocktails but also how to make the various types of ice cream that go in them. Cool off with these decadent cocktails poolside or wherever the day leads you.

Debuting on Vista May 2023.


5. The Bubbly Bar

This new event will take place on select evenings in the elegant Baristas' area. It’s a lighthearted and interactive concept that invites you to customize your own drink and be creative while doing this. Our Bar Staff will be there to assist you every step of the way and there will be a wide variety of beverages to choose from including sparkling wines, Champagne, prosecco, and liqueurs as well as a delicious array of homemade syrups and purees, plus very diverse beverage garnishes.

Currently available on Marina and Riviera, and debuting on Vista May 2023.


6. The Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar

The popularity of the Bloody Mary has skyrocketed in recent years. So many are thinking beyond the classic recipe and this inspired us to craft our own unique experience. This will be hosted during lunch in Terrace Café with a beautifully vibrant and colorful display of vegetables, ingredients, and unique garnishes such as spicy shrimp, stuffed olives, and dried bacon. There will be several custom-made options to choose from, such as the Italian Mary made with grappa and Italian skewer or the Ave Caesar prepared with Clamato juice, in addition to crafting one all your own.

Currently available on all ships, and debuting on Vista May 2023.


7. Casino Mixology Bar

With mixology defined as the art and study of preparing, inventing, and serving drinks, we wanted to place a special focus on the art of the cocktail with crafted ingredients, syrups, reductions, and bitters for this unique bar as well as offering a wide selection of bourbons and rye. Curating the menu was a months-long project, culling new trends and taking deep consideration of guests’ preferences. Cocktails at this bar also call on the amazing “Flavor Blaster Gun,” a unique bar tool that creates spectacular vapor-filled bubbles with aromatic flavors.

Debuting on Vista May 2023.


8. Martinis: Golden Age of Hollywood

As our signature bar, Martinis is refreshing its namesake cocktail with a fresh new spirits selection, Mermaid Gin and Vodka. You’ll be able to choose from a tantalizing new collection of drinks called Hollywood Martinis, in addition to the already popular selection shaken tableside. The Hollywood collection includes a variety of drinks inspired by Old Hollywood, such as Bardot Martini, The Corleone Martini, Sir Connery Martini, Blue Eyes Sinatra, and Monroe Martini.

Debuting on Vista May 2023, and stay tuned for debut dates fleetwide.


9. Baristas: Aperitivo Adventures

The new cocktail menu being unveiled at Baristas is an homage to Italian flavors and the aperitivo concept that has fascinated the world. You will be able to sample some of the most well-known Amari, the Italian herbal digestif, such as Averna, Montenegro, and Lucano. In addition to a selection of cocktails made with top Italian spirits, we have added some of the latest cocktails that are sweeping Italy’s bars and cafés such as Crodino, Campari Soda, and the San Pellegrino cocktail.

Debuting on Vista May 2023, and stay tuned for debut dates on Marina and Rivera.


10. Exclusive Restaurant Cocktail Menus

Ember, Red Ginger, and Aquamar Kitchen will each feature their own menu of cocktails that pairs perfectly with the cuisine and flavors of each dining experience. Ember will feature an exclusive selection of craft beers, wines, and bourbon- and rye-based cocktails that pair perfectly with familiar yet fresh cuisine. Aquamar Kitchen will serve up a selection of premium, award-winning non-alcoholic wines, Pierre Zero from France, as well as a refreshing collection of non-alcoholic cocktails crafted with Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits. To complement the bold and multifaceted flavors of the Pan-Asian dishes at Red Ginger, a premium sake selection, Asian beers, and Asian-inspired cocktails will be on offer.


The exclusive Aquamar Kitchen and Ember beverage menus will debut on Vista in May 2023. The exclusive Red Ginger beverage menu will debut on Vista in May 2023 and stay tuned for debut dates on Marina, Riviera, and Sirena.



Original Blog Posted on Dec 21, 2022, by Corporate Beverage Manager Daniela Oancea in Cuisine

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