Unparalleled Destinations with Azamara

Destinations Come to Life when you embark on an Azamara journey

Every Azamara voyage combines sophisticated sailing with immersive cultural experiences that will leave you looking at life from a new perspective. On an Azamara journey, you'll visit fascinating, far-from-the-usual ports—with nearly half of all Azamara port stops featuring overnight or late-night stays. You’ll have plenty of time to explore and connect with each destination, long after other ships leave.


At each port, enjoy Destination Immersion® experiences that take you beyond ordinary itineraries with local excursions to awaken your senses, stir your imagination, and leave a lasting imprint.


Destinations Come to Life

Azamara understands that travel is very personal, one size doesn’t fit all. Their specially curated collections provide a truly authentic look at the world while allowing you to explore and experience them in ways that fit your unique personality and travel passions.


Locales & Landmarks

These curated sightseeing tours reveal the hidden gems, local secrets, and signature sites of a destination. Whether a cultural immersion, self-guided tour, panoramic drive, or guided visit, this series makes it easy to enjoy an authentic destination experience.


Local Immersions

Dig deeper with specialized experiences that connect you to the people, traditions, natural wonders, and cultural riches of our destinations. Walk historic streets. Meet local families. Explore the outdoors. Share local cuisine. These excursions are limited to just 26 guests, so you enjoy the time and space to ask questions, exchange ideas, and really connect.


Exclusive Experiences

These excursions represent our most exclusive and unique opportunities to immerse yourself in our destinations. Be there as history is made at one of the world’s great celebrations, sporting events or cultural festivals. Spend a few days traveling overland on an expedition that ventures beyond the coast. Or, let us craft a private tour around your individual interests.


Azamara invites you to uncover a world of destinations at a more relaxed pace, giving you time to appreciate the landscapes, culture, and people, by day and night. It's a richer, more immersive travel experience, where you can rediscover the joy of discovery. Book a journey with us and see the difference between traveled and well-traveled. Let us show you the world and Change The Way You Sea.

Azamara cruises amenities are anything but average. Little luxuries, specialized services, onboard events, drinks, and dining—everything you can imagine is within reach and included in your cruise fare.

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