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Food brings us comfort all over the world.

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If you are planning a vacation and one of the first things that comes to your mind is food, a Foodie Vacation may just be right for you!


Uncover the beauty behind a destinations cuisine, and discover what flavours, smells, and dishes bring everyone to the table. From bottling your own wine in Spain, to cooking fresh pasta in Italy - there really is a Foodie Vacation that will fit any travellers tastebuds.



Food Lovers Destination Guide 


France is an obvious choice for travellers looking to taste some of the most delicious cuisine in the world. From delicate pastries to savoury pastas, and their infamous charcuterie boards found at even the smallest restaurant; it really doesn't get much better than this. 


We can help curate a specialty vacation that gets you involved with the cuisine and its heritage. Imagine waking up every morning, going down to the local market, and selecting your fresh produce for the day. Want a more personalized approach? Your travel advisor can set you up with a private chef to prepare and plate your meals. Everyones food luxuries look a bit different than the next, but when it comes to fine dining, France really has it all.



Get your phones ready, because the food found in Amsterdam is Instagram worthy. The food scene in Amsterdam is unbeatable and keeps getting better. With their diverse food culture, from vegan to decadant, your mouth will be watering at each spot. 


Stroopwafels, a Dutch favourite, are a must and we will make sure you get directions to the one and only spot to get the best in town. Each street uncovers a new flavour inspired from cuisine all over the world - but some of the best food finds can be found from local street vendors. When booking your next trip to Amsterdam, be sure to talk with our travel advisors on the best places to stay so you are within walking distance to these hot foodie locations.



Greece is a destination that many travellers dream of visiting, and for good reason. Greek cuisine is a beloved choice for many in the US and Canada, but to get the true experience, you have to go where the flavours were born and rased in.


Start your vacation off in Greece with Ellinikos (Greek Coffee). The coffee is served in a traditional, long handled copper coffee pot, known as Briki in Greek. Continue with an irresistible piece of Baklava, and finish your evening with a classic Gyro from a local vendor - just outside of your private balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Sound like a dream? We can help make it reality!










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