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Experience Aboriginal Art, Fjords and Waterfalls as you explore Australia and New Zealand on a Lindblad-National Geographic Expeditions

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Australia & New Zealand

Two vastly distinct countries with exceptional ways to explore them.


Discover Australia's best-kept secret—the majestic Kimberley​—a land so old that vast tracts predate fossils, and see it in the manner befitting its immense scale: by sea. A rare look at the stunning, isolated northwest coast of Australia, see spectacular gorges formed by geological forces, extraordinary Aboriginal cave paintings, and remarkable wildlife. Then venture into Indonesia for incredible snorkeling and meet welcoming people who live close to their ancestral traditions. Plus, search for Komodo dragons, crocodiles, and more.


And when a film script calls for a backdrop of stunning scenery, New Zealand steps up with its dramatic peaks, scenic fjords, and white-sand beaches. The last country to be inhabited by humans, New Zealand’s pristine landscapes impress with endemic flora and fauna. Add Māori culture, cities known for their quality of life, the beautiful Subantarctic Islands, and celebrated wines and gastronomy, and it’s easy to understand the country’s longstanding appeal.


Activities Included in Your Expedition 

- All excursions 

- Zodiac, paddleboard & kayak explorations 

- Snorkeling, including wetsuits, masks, fins & snorkel where relevant 

- Presentations and guest speakers in the lounge 

- Fitness Centre and Wellness Spa 

- The best expedition team in the business

- National Geographic Global Explorers program for kids and teens

- Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic certified photo instructors and National Geographic Photography Experts on select voyages


Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Expeditions in Australia & New Zealand

New Zealand’s natural beauty beckons with soaring peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and swathes of white-sand beaches. Traveling through scenic fjords, bays, and sounds, witness plunging waterfalls and sparkling waters rich with marine life. New Zealand boasts flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. It is home to the world’s smallest penguin, a colony of 20,000 gannets, and the magnificent royal albatross with a 10-foot wingspan.

Departures Available in 2024: January 5 and 17; October 22; November 3

Following in the wake of Captain Cook, journey from New Zealand’s North Island to the Solomon Sea. Delve into a fascinating history of explorers, convicts, and traders, and learn about the rich cultures of the Māori and the Melanesians. Examine traditional carved houses and ancient caves and meet villagers on some of the most remote islands of the South Pacific. Along the way, don your snorkel and fins to discover incredible coral reefs and lagoons.

Departures Available in 2024: January 29; October 9; December 21

Discover New Zealand from the North Island to its most remote islands in the Southern Ocean. Explore natural wonders like Abel Tasman National Park and Milford Sound, and visit towns that tell the country’s story. Admire the Art Deco architecture of Napier, and get acquainted with Māori culture in Gisborne. Cap off the experience amid penguins and sea lions in New Zealand’s seldom-visited subantarctic islands, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Departures Available in 2024: November 15; December 3

Discover dramatic landscapes etched with ancient human history in Australia's Kimberley region, and sail to remote island villages of Indonesia where history comes alive in traditional ceremonies. Search for spectacular wildlife, from the giant saltwater crocodiles of the Kimberley to prehistoric Komodo dragons. Snorkel and dive at Rowley Shoals among pristine coral gardens. Zodiac to the base of King George Falls and learn the history of the Moluccas, fought over among English, Portuguese, and Dutch colonizers.

Departures Available in 2024: May 25; June 8; July 4; July 18.

A Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic expedition is arguably one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have. Few travel experiences come close to approximating its authenticity and all five senses engagement. Discover the planet's most remarkable places, accompanied by experts who can shed light on the things you see, with expedition tools to use along the way, so you can explore up close and personally.

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