Photo Expeditions with Lindblad

Hone your photography skills with the most breathtaking wildlife and scenery in the world.

Whether you are a studied photographer or an amature, exploring the world on a Lindblad Expedition will surely provide you with the best backdrop possible, allowing you to immerse yourself in the destination and share your vision of the experiences you encountered. 


All skill and interest levels are welcome! Lindblad's expert photographers and instructors will be at your side and at your service to inspire and assist you throughout your expedition journey. All you need to participate is a camera— point-and-shoot, smartphone, DSLR, whatever—and a sense of adventure. 


Built from Lindblad's expedition heritage, their exclusive photography program is focused on 3 key benefits: 


•  You'll be joined by National Geographic photographers aboard every departure of National Geographic Explorer and National Geographic Orion, and select departures fleet-wide 

• There is a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor aboard every ship in their fleet 


• Specially designed, highly immersive Photo Trip Expeditions, created by photographers for photographers.


Lindblad Expeditions offers Photo Expeditions to Alaska, Amazon, Baja California, and the Galapagos. 


Recommended Photo Expeditions with Lindblad 

Ask your advisor for all available departures and special offers on these and other exciting expeditions. 


World Wide

Baja California: A Remarkable JourneyMar 28, 2022 - Apr 11, 2022 (15 days)

Loreto to San Carlos | National Geographic Venture | Ask for Prices
Get up-close with wild gray whales and then explore the Sea of Cortez in depth with National Geographic photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins

This is the most comprehensive Baja California and the Sea of Cortez experience possible. Venture into the gray whale birthing lagoons on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula to get close to these gentle giants, and then over a week explore the wild islands and waters that teem with a great variety of whales, pods of dolphins, and leaping rays in the Sea of Cortez. On the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula, you’ll share the lagoons with California gray whales pausing during their migrations to birth and nurse their calves. And in the Sea of Cortez you’ll hop among pristine desert islands that are home to a variety of plant and animal species you’ll discover on a hike up desert arroyos and through forests of cacti.

Upper AmazonApr 02, 2022 - Apr 12, 2022 (10 days)

Roundtrip Lima | Delfin II | Ask for Prices
Discover the enchantment of the world’s most biodiverse rainforest with National Geographic photographer Kike Calvo

Venture to the headwaters of the mighty Amazon in the heart of Peru’s rainforest aboard the elegant riverboat Delfin II. Slip through an intricate network of jungle waterways in a skiff or a kayak spotting diverse birds as well as caimans, tamarins, and sloths. Skim past massive lily pads, peer up at towering ceiba trees, and witness glorious sunsets on the still waters of the Amazon River basin. Interact with the local ribereños, people who continue to live close to their traditions in remote jungle villages.

Photography Expedition also available on March 26, 2022 departure.

A Remarkable Journey to Alaska, B.C. & Haida GwaiiMay 05, 2022 - May 20, 2022 (15 days)

Seattle to Sitka | National Geographic Sea Bird | Ask for Prices
Experience wild Alaska and British Columbia with National Geographic photographer Max Lowe

Explore some of the Pacific Northwest’s most wild and pristine regions on a 15-day adventure between Sitka, Alaska, and Seattle, Washington. By special invitation, discover a nearly lost First Nations culture in the remote, moss-draped archipelago of Haida Gwaii. Sail the Inside Passage of Alaska and British Columbia, rich with marine life, including whales and dolphins. Spend a full day among the towering glaciers and expansive wilderness of Glacier Bay National Park. Walk in silent old-growth forests, kayak in secluded coves, and search for foraging bears and soaring eagles in mist-shrouded fjords.

Photography Expedition also available on the September 6, 2022 departure with Photographer Michael Melford.

Wild Alaska EscapeJun 13, 2022 - Jun 18, 2022 (6 days)

Juneau to Ketchikan | National Geographic Sea Bird | Ask for Prices
Discover an authentic, wild Alaska unreachable by the big ships with National Geographic Photographer Rich Reid

Exploring the southern regions of Southeast Alaska on our expedition is an unrivalled experience. Navigate narrow channels like Behm and Blake, Walker Cove in Misty Fjords, Eastern Passage, and Wrangell Narrows. Lower Zodiacs to explore places like Hole in the Wall State Marine Park on Prince of Wales Island and drop kayaks and paddleboards into salmon-studded waters to trace the rugged, wildlife-rich shorelines of Kupreanof and Kuiu Islands.

Photography Expedition also available on the August 12, 2022 departure

A Lindblad-National Geographic expedition is arguably the most exhilarating overseas adventure experience a person can have. Nothing else comes close to approximating its authenticity and all-five-senses engagement. We offer you the world’s ultimate, authentic expedition experience: Discover the planet’s most remarkable places, accompanied by experts able to illuminate all you see, and with cool tools to use to explore up close and personally.

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