Introducing Celebrity Flora℠

A new ship designed specifically for the Galapagos Islands on 10, 11 and 16 night packages.

Book by Jun 30, 2019


Evolution meets revolution

Celebrity Cruises introduces Celebrity FloraSM, the first ship of its kind, designed specifically with the destination in mind—the Galapagos Islands. In its creation, Celebrity followed in the footsteps of their revolutionary new ship, Celebrity EdgeSM, by designing Celebrity Flora in 3-D. This advanced technology let Celebrity experience every space on board in virtual reality to fine-tune every detail of the design before she’s even built. This process allows the team to create the most state-ofthe-art ship to ever sail the Galapagos Islands.


Celebrity Flora marks an evolutionary turning point in the approach to ship design by allowing the destination and its environment to inspire and influence every decision made. From the luxurious all-suites accommodations that incorporate sustainable, natural materials that complement the destination to the Dynamic Positioning System that enables the ship to stay on station without the use of anchors to help protect the seas, Celebrity created a ship that truly differentiates between visiting this incredible corner of the world and experiencing it.


Celebrity Flora also features Celebrity's innovative outward-facing design that makes the destination the center of attention to create a definite connection between guests, the ocean, and the stunning islands. By focusing the direction of spaces outward at every opportunity (including suites and even bathrooms), they virtually erase the boundaries between ship and destination to create a sense of truly being in the destination, experiencing the destination, instead of just visiting it.


Despite all the technology and concentrated focus on the destination, there’s another important element Celebrity took into consideration in the design of Celebrity Flora—YOU (our guests). Celebrity knows modern explorers have high expectations when it comes to traveling in comfort, and they set their sights on exceeding every expectation to create a modern experience that stayed true to the destination experience.


The natural beauty of the islands, the diversity and uniqueness of the species that it harbors earned this archipelago the reputation of being a living laboratory of evolutionary processes still in progress. The region made room for the development of a large number of flora and fauna that do not exist anywhere else in the world, making the Galapagos a very unique place of global importance for the common heritage of humanity. The public venues onboard are all designed to ensure you are always a glance away from this extraordinary scenery.

With their innovative ships, luxurious accommodations, outstanding service, and culinary excellence, Celebrity Cruises enhances your journey to some of the world's most unforgettable destinations. Celebrity has brought together teams of world-class architects, interior designers, stylists, and landscape artists to create a showcase of the most inspiring spaces at sea, custom designed just for you.  

Terms & Conditions

Speak with your Travel advisor on booking a Celebrity Flora Galapagos adventure.


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