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What better way to explore the history and culture of a European city than by enhancing it with local dining experiences? With a Globus escorted tour, guests have special access to historic sites and hidden gems, along with special tastings and other authentic culinary offerings every day of their journey.
Featured Tours & Culinary Highlights:
Gems of Umbria & Tuscany- 9 Day Tour Roundtrip from Rome 

Culinary Highlights:

• ROME – Welcome and farewell dinners at a local restaurant

• NARNI –   homemade pasta demonstration with a chef, followed by lunch

• SPOLETO – Dinner included at a local restaurant

• FRANTOIO DI SPELLO –   Olive oil tasting

• MONTALCINO –   Brunello wine tasting and lunch

• ORVIETO – Dinner with wine included at a local restaurant


Lisbon & Northern Spain- 12 Day Tour from Lisbon to Barcelona

Culinary Highlights

• PORTO -   Port wine tasting at Sandeman & Co.

• LA TOJA ISLAND -   Enjoy a coffee and the spectacular view at the Gran Hotel La Toja

• OVIEDO -   Enjoy a cider tasting

• PAMPLONA -   Walk through the Calle Estafeta, followed by lunch with traditional tapas and Rioja wine at Basaburua restaurant

• BARCELONA - Farewell dinner at La Fonda del Port Olimpic restaurant


The Sicilian- 10 Day Tour from Palermo to Taormina Riviera

Culinary Highlights

• PALERMO -   Lunch featuring Sicilian specialties

• MODICA -   Chocolate tasting at the famous Dolceria Bonajuto; dinner at a local restaurant

• SAVOCA -   Taste granita and brioche at Bar Vitelli

• TAORMINA – Farwell dinner at a local restaurant


Regional Food of Italy: 


Asparagus, artichokes, and Easter specialties are popular, plus a handful of festivals, like Turin’s CioccolaTó.



Aubergines, peppers, and berries are in season! Don’t forget to cool off with gelato!



Food festivals, chestnuts, mushrooms and game are musts. This is also the time to seek truffles!



Time for Christmas and Carnevale treats! Look to Sardinia for fresh, local catches like sea urchin.



1. You only drink milky coffee, like cappuccino, in the morning— not at any other time of the day!

2. The average Italian consumes 26 gallons of wine a year.

3. In Italy, pepperoni refers to bell peppers. There is no Italian sausage that goes by that name.

4. On average, Italians consume 57 pounds of pasta per person.


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