Tips For an All-Inclusive Vacation

Check out our top tips when getting ready for your next holiday!

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An all-inclusive vacation is a great way to help you rejuvenate - especially after our long, cold Canadian winters! Before packing for your sun-filled vacation, check out this short check-list we have created to ensure you are fully prepared.


Bring a reusable water bottle.

We can’t say enough about staying hydrated in a hot climate. Many of the ailments we see from passengers in tropical destinations are from too much sun and too little water. You can easily get your bottle filled at the bars at the hotel. A reusable bottle also reduces waste.


Pack some reusable grocery bags and zip-lock bags

Perfect for packing laundry, your damp bathing suit, and your shoes from those last few moments on the beach.


Bring Some US Dollars

The US dollar is widely recognized and used throughout the Caribbean. You will also be able to use your Visa or MasterCard at some shops and at your resort.


Check the Dress Code

Double-check the dress code at your resort and pack appropriately. This mainly pertains to the a la carte restaurants whose evening dress code are normally long pants, no tank tops and no flip-flops for men. Women have greater flexibility.


Contact Information

Leave your hotel name, address and phone number with someone at home. A copy of your insurance information should also be given to someone.


Choose a Way to Contact Home

Today it’s easy and inexpensive to connect with home. Mobile carriers offer travel bundles that you can add to your existing plan. Many resorts have wireless Internet access, however, you should be prepared that it might be limited or much slower than you are used to.


Use your room safe

You’d be surprised by the number of people who don’t. Just remember to clear it out when you leave!


Speak to your Tour Operator’s local representative

During the transfer to your hotel, you will be given information on when your particular tour operator’s representative will be at your hotel. There will normally be an orientation session the day of arrival or the following morning depending on your flight time. We strongly recommend that you attend. The representative will give you lots of information about your stay, including excursion options and when your return transfer to the airport will be.




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