Oceania Cruises New Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols

Please read below for Oceania Cruises new policies regarding their commitment to the health and safety of guests.

Oceania Cruises is working hand in hand with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and federal governments globally to develop, implement and continually evolve industry-leading standards that will meet or exceed all requirements once those have been finalized by them. This current outline of standards covers all aspects of onboard and shoreside operations to ensure the continuous well-being of guests and crew.



Our concern for your health and well-being begins well before your journey starts.


Extensive Pre-embarkation Health Screening: All guests will undergo an extensive pre-embarkation health screening. Those considered at risk will undergo additional screening.


Changing Itineraries: We constantly monitor the global health map and cancel or modify itineraries to impacted areas. We also prevent guests and crew who have recently traveled through high-risk locations from boarding.


Socially Responsible Check-In: Once it is time to start your voyage, we’ve designed an enhanced, staggered embarkation and check-in process for proper social distancing that also includes a new state-of-the-art touchless temperature screening. Embarkation terminals will be sanitized continuously, and terminals will be thoroughly sanitized and, where possible, fogged before and after each embarkation and debarkation.


Sanitized & Certified Virus-Free Ships: All ships are disinfected, evaluated, and certified as virus-free when they re-enter service. This service is performed by Sabre BioResponse, the world leader in decontamination services.



We're keeping our guests and crew healthy using the most advanced technologies and practices.


Continuous Ship-wide Disinfection & Daily Fogging: Our 24/7 prevention schedule will feature continuous disinfection of public areas and high-traffic touch points as well as daily fogging of all staterooms, suites, public spaces, and guest corridors. The fogging process utilizes a hospital-grade oxidant that is natural, safe, and non-toxic. Guest staterooms and suites will receive intensive microbial disinfection daily, which includes fogging of the entire space inclusive of bathrooms and closets.


All New Hospital-grade Air Filtration System: New, upgraded HVAC systems will incorporate the latest advances to be superior to those found in land-based resorts. Each ship will utilize fresh-air induction and be equipped with the highest-tier HEPA 13 hospital-grade filters for all accommodations and public spaces.


No-touch Food Serivce: No-touch food and beverage service is being implemented across all ships with service staff stationed ship-wide, including Terrace Café, Baristas, Horizons, and the Executive and Concierge Lounges. Of course, all guests will be required to engage in frequent handwashing and hand sanitizer will be prominently placed and easily accessible throughout the ship.


Increaded Social Distancing: To provide even more space for responsible social distancing, Oceania Cruises has reduced shipboard guest capacity. Reduced seating in entertainment venues, smaller group sizes for shore excursions, culinary classes, and onboard activities, along with increased spacing in dining venues, provide for effective social distancing practices. 



We've engaged the CDC and some of the world's most experienced medical experts to develop industry-leading protocols.


The Highest Standards For Staff & Crew Health: A healthy staff and crew help ensure healthy guests. Constant monitoring of staff and crew health includes testing of crew members, temperature checks multiple times per day as well as rigid sanitation and hygiene protocols.


Enhanced Medical Teams & Health Services: We are expanding our medical teams to provide an industry-leading Medical Staff-to-Guest ratio on board each of our ships. Enhanced onboard medical centers are abundantly stocked with common prescription medications, remedies, and the latest virus-testing equipment. All medical centers will have the ability to perform FDA- and CDC-approved PCR Point of Care testing. Complimentary consultations and treatments are provided for respiratory illnesses and each ship is equipped with dedicated isolation accommodations should the unlikely need arise.


Dedicated Public Health Officer: Each ship will have a dedicated Public Health Officer on board, responsible for the oversight of all sanitation and outbreak prevention initiatives. Additionally, they will monitor the day-to-day cleanliness of all public areas and accommodations, maintaining compliance with the CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program. They will work hand in hand with the ship’s medical team on board as well as the corporate Public Health and Medical departments shoreside.



Partners in Prevention: We’re partnering with our local destinations and tour operators to ensure our industry-leading health and sanitation protocols extend to the shoreside experience. Embarkation terminals, tour coaches, and the attractions we visit must meet or exceed the stringent protocols we employ on board to ensure the continued health and safety of our guests and crew.


Oceania Cruises is the world’s largest upper premium cruise line, and our Travel Advisors have enjoyed their services and amenities for years. Expertly Crafted Cuisine, Curated Travel Experiences and Small Ship Luxury are the pillars that define Oceania Cruises’ five-star product, positioning the line as the cruise company of choice for travelers seeking a truly refined and casually elegant travel experience.


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