Our Wedding was Amazing, couldn't ask for anything more. We would definitely book with Jolene for any trip we decide to go on. She's amazing very knowledgable and well-traveled. She has almost any answer to any question you might have. Don't hesitate to call her. Book Now.
- Kristofor & Jaimie

Cara has helped us plan our dream destination wedding with many friends and family attending. Upon first speaking over the phone, I was blown away by the thought, care and dedication Cara brought to planning our event. She took the time to make excellent recommendations based on what we were looking for in both a trip and a wedding, and her experience and knowledge was essential to helping us find the right family destination for us. Her attention to detail is outstanding and the work she puts into planning goes above and beyond expectations, especially when connecting outside of regular work hours. Cara clearly communicates all options and processes in detail, taking the stress entirely out of planning a group vacation. She is truly amazing to work with, her enthusiasm and laughter is contagious, and we are so grateful to have a friend like her to help make our dream destination wedding come true. 

- Vicky & Mike

When my husband and I announced that we were going to have a destination wedding, a lot of our family were nervous thinking about the travel. With Jolene’s help, we were able to take the stress out of travel planning, making it easy for all of our guests to make it to our wedding. Jolene was helpful with everyone, providing all of the necessary information and meeting their (and our) needs as much as possible, including booking a fantastic hotel for the overnight layover in Calgary! Although the travel package provider proved challenging, Jolene was the first to identify the discrepancies and worked to resolve any and all issues so that we didn’t need to add any additional stress to our wedding plans.
- Kimberly & Dan | March 23, 2016 | Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

Shannon went above and beyond to ensure that all of our wedding guests were booked, organized and made it to our destination wedding, regardless of where in the world they came from. She was also very flexible and creative in customizing the itineraries of each guest. She was very knowledgeable of all the pros and cons to each resort that we considered for our wedding and had information readily available to share. Shannon provided support throughout the whole process and we were always able to get in touch with her whether or not she was in town. This gave us the peace of mind and assurance that we were in the right hands. Shannon was also very patient and calm with us and was willing and able to keep up and guide us through all the wrinkles that came up in our plans. We can't imagine our destination wedding as successful and smooth as it was without the help of Shannon. We will definitely recommend Shannon to everyone we know planning a destination wedding, honeymoon, or group travels.
- Thanh Nguyen | November 27, 2015

When we started planning our destination wedding we starting looking into the big travel agents/airline wedding specialists. Thinking that was our best bet. They wanted big $$. Took forever to reply to emails and they never cared about what we wanted. Even telling us not to pick resorts we wanted because we owed it to our guest to give them an amazing resort at $500 pp more than what I wanted my guests to spend . Angie was great. She gave her expertise/advice but she cared about what we wanted and she works so hard to make your week perfect. Angie always emailed back responded and took care of everything so promptly with us as well as our guests. We still book just our everyday trips thru Angie we highly recommend her.
- Mike & Tammy | October 21, 2014
My husband and I chose a destination wedding so that we could share our wedding day with friends and family and have a great vacation at the same time. Jolene handled all our group's travel arrangements and helped to make all the individual travel bookings from various locations seamless. She was also the initial liaison between us and the wedding coordinator at the hotel. We stayed at the Barcelo Mayan Tropical in the Mayan Riviera. It is a beautiful hotel with an exceptional beach area. We chose a very basic wedding package and the quality was incredible. We had a beach wedding with a live band and private dinner following. The hotel does all the work and adds many special little touches to make each wedding party feel special and completely enjoy their day. We really appreciated all Jolene did for us not only in organizing the trip for our group but also with respect to all the little details that come up with groups and weddings. Jolene was wonderful and I have no hesitation recommending her expertise to others planning similar trips and booking my next vacation through her!
- Laurelle & Christopher | December 10, 2008 | Barcelo Beach Tropical Mayan Riviera
May 19th, 2007, is a day we will never forget!! 101 people at the biggest event of our live! Karina was very instrumental in assuring our guests and ourselves had our travel arrangements organized, it was also nice to have that ONE point of contact for any questions on flights, times, scheduling, group travel and the like. Karina was also very instrumental in helping out with the hotel/accommodation options which we put on our website for our guests to see  including prices and pictures of the venues  again, this was a nice option for our guests, as they were able to contact Karina with any questions they had on the places etc. Even on our way back from Costa Rica, when the airline (American Airlines) failed us and messed up our flights, Karina was there to help us correspond back to the airline to address the issues we faced upon our return. I would highly recommend using Karina and would use her again without hesitation! Thanks Karina for helping us coordinate the crowds and following through with GREAT Customer Service which is hard to find these days! Without your help, I’m afraid we would have a different story to tell.
- Erick & Damarys Zampini | May 19, 2007



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